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Too Busy To Learn To Trade? Don't Worry!!
 We've Done The Hard Work For You!

A 100% Proven Trading Strategy 
+64% is based on USDCAD Live market signals over a 12 month period
You Have Two Options!
Manually trade the signals
Let our robot trade the signals
30 day 100% Unconditional money back guarantee! 
Our Atomic Strategy Indicator comes with a 100% money back guarantee. You will be so focused on trading and not on the stress of learning to trade that you will be a winning trader in no time! There's a reason Able Trading doesn't hide performance data from members like other trading education services and that's because our strategies are 100% proven. So, if for some unfortunate reason you would like a refund there are no forms to fill out, no strings attached. Able Trading hasn't had a single request for a refund in over 3 years because we offer nothing but proven quality. However, anyone that does request a refund, can ask via Discord and without question will receive their money back without any hassle and the refund will be actioned without question.
Product image
Atomic Strategy Indicator - 6 month licence - Discord Access & VIP Support
A semi-automatic proven trading strategy that generates trading signals for you directly on the chart! No analysis and no lengthy learning process! For both MT5 and Trading View.
Product image
Atomic Signal Indicator - 12 month licence - Discord Access & VIP Support
A semi-automatic proven trading strategy that generates trading signals directly on the chart! No analysis & no guess work! For both MT5 and Trading View
Product image
Atomic Algorithm (EA) + Atomic Strategy Indicator (MT5) 12 Month Licence - Discord access & VIP Support
Automatically trades the signals provided by Atomic Strategy Indicator on MT5
Product image
Atomic Algorithm (EA) + Atomic Strategy Indicator (MT5) 6 Month Licence - Discord access & VIP Support
Automatically trades the signals provided by Atomic Strategy Indicator on MT5
Buying couldn't be easier!!

You select what length licence you would like and that's it you go to check out! 

Indicator only - You get both MT5 & Trading View as part of the package! 

EA & Indicator -  You get both EA and indicator for MT5 Terminal
Free Discord Access!
Join our Discord for Free now! 
No purchase necessary! 
FAQ and Information - Talk to us!
The small white arrows shows the Trade Signal - PDF Guide provides more details on trade management
1 Hour chart
Trade Management Example
MT5 Terminal
Trading View
Trade Management Example
The label displays the Trade Signal details  
PDF Guide also provides details on trade management
1 Hour chart
Trading Signals appear on the chart. Trade from your phone!
Who's behind it?
Richard Seeley is the founder of an industry leading trading education service that has aided countless clients to full-time trading and funded accounts.
Richard's transparency on his performance is largely unrivalled where he has shared time sensitive trade alerts over the last few years in his trading rooms with an average of +10% per month in 2021/22. 

The Atomic Strategy Indicator has been developed based on one of these trading strategies where in 24 months of live trading there has only been 1 losing month so you can be reassured you really have a proven strategy!

Sam Brading met Richard through learning to trade at Able Trading.  
Sam become a proficient and consistently profitable trader whilst under Richard's expert guidance averaging between 8-10% a month whilst full-time employed. Through a mutual interest in strategy automation and algorithmic trading, Richard & Sam worked together on developing semi-automated proprietary indicators along with automated algorithms. 

Strategy Indicator & EA
What is it and what does it do exactly?
  • A simple to use indicator (manual trading) that generates signals on the chart in real time so no analysis required
  • Or Use our EA robot that trades the signals automatically 24/5 so you don't need to!
  • 100% proven & tested trading strategy so you don’t need to spend time learning one!
  • Earn surplus income or go full time with our funding!
  • Trade from anywhere in the world with internet connection!
  • An up or down arrow appears on the chart (MT5) signalling a trade so you know exactly where to buy or sell if trading manually!
  • Both MT5 & Trading View indicators included in indicator package
  • Trade from your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Suitable for beginners, students, parents and full time employed.
  • PDF quick start guide to trading! 
  • Included! Trading plan (manual trading) covering simple trade & risk management, stop placement and take profit!
  • Mobile/SMS, Email notifications so you can carry on with your day to day commitments. 
  • Ongoing support & Discord access
+64% - 12 Month Live Market Test 
Atomic Signals Equity Curve 
May 2021 -2022 
The range of expectancy in trading naturally varies with market conditions ever changing and evolving. Having testing the signals traded by the EA in 2020 the year Covid hit the news wires the EA performed positively at +38% at 1% risk per trade and a Drawdown of 7%. So a range of returns can be expected depending on the currency pair and market conditions.
Funded Accounts
Haven't got a large Trading Account?  
No problem!!
Challenge Accounts and Direct Funding options!
A proven indicator that does the hard work for you and a funded account to increase the returns!
Summary Rules
15k, 20k, 40k, 50k, 70k,
12 months to make 7%
Up to 60% profit share
Trade up to $2,000,000
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more info!
We have exploited an edge that has been developed into an indicator to automatically signal where to buy and sell and below are the results.
Average approx. monthly return expected 
trading 1 x Forex pair USD/CAD risking 1% per trade.
Drawdown is the average maximum peak to trough equity decline over a 12 month period risking 1% per trade and trading 1 Forex Pair.
Win rate is the amount of winning trades from total number of trades taken. 
USD/CAD 12 month trading results
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